Fundación Semillas

Children are born to be happy.

Fundación Semillas, Amigos de la Niñez

Most children in Nicaragua do not have children's literature at home or school, nor have an adequate playground where they can enjoy playing and just be kids. Nicaragua is lacking libraries and playgrounds (Nicaragua has 140 public libraries for a student population of 1,674,699 - 2005 Census).

We want to promote the love of reading among children and the lifelong knowledge of how to use a library. We want to provide opportunities for kids to be able to play and enjoy their childhood.

We believe that libraries and playgrounds are fundamental for education and development. Libraries and parks are integral parts of the education process; therefore, we want to work towards the goal of all communities having a library and playground which freely provide their young habitants opportunities to have access to information, acquire knowledge, develop their imagination and provide entertainment.

Fundación Semillas, Amigos de la Niñez is a group of friends, Christian women and men from different backgrounds and confessions.