Fundación Semillas

Semillas operates thanks to the financial help of donors, individual and institutional, who generously support the work we do. Likewise, we wouldn't be able to operate without the valuable help of national and internactional colaborers.



Semillas has alliances with various organizations which cooperate in sending volunteers, but we are also ready to receive independent volunteers. Please write us for more information.
Latin Link (in various languages)
APCM (German only)
Mer et Monde (French only)

We also support the integration of persons with disabilities. In Fundación Semillas, we offer working opportunities to people with disabilities in cooperation with AMS. (Act 763)
Activos por un mundo solidario - AMS

Books, Learning materials, Furniture and office equipment

The donations of books, learning materials, furniture and office equipment, etc. is always welcome!

Here's a list of our continuing needs: